SPECIAL: Air Cargo Nets!

air cargo netsTOTALPACK is proud to announce that we are currently offering air cargo nets at a special price. Air cargo nets are used to hold large shipments on pallets in place during transit. The nets connect to the sides of the pallet and ensure your large shipments arrive at their final destinations unharmed. They are one-piece, knotted and adjustable. Our air cargo nets are a woven mixture of polyester and nylon rope and have been the net of choice for world leading cargo airlines for over thirty years. Made only in the United States, these air cargo nets have significant advantages over any other product. The woven rope is stronger, lighter and less likely to snag because of its extremely tight weave. The knotted construction also prevents the net from unraveling if a cord happens to break. All of our air cargo nets are treated with an abrasion resistant coating that greatly extends the average service life. They are lighter than many comparable cargo nets, making handling effortless and lowering your overall operational costs. Not to mention they are uncomplicated, faster and less expensive to repair than spliced nets because all repair intersections are knotted rather than picked. The air cargo nets can be repaired in the field using FAA Certified Bridge Strap that bridges broken diamonds. They are available in many different colors to make identifying and tracking your air cargo net much easier.

We are now offering air cargo nets for $69 each! 88″ X 125″ X 82″ or P1