Satco’s Aluminum Air Cargo Pallets

aluminum air cargo palletsSatco, Inc. first introduced the all-metal pallet to the industry in 1968. Since that day more than 40 years ago, they have been the only ULD manufacturer – main and lower deck cargo containers, pallets, nets, and straps – under one roof. The company is partnered with Alcoa, the world’s leading producer of aluminum, and features environmentally friendly aluminum alloy materials in all its containers and air cargo pallets. Satco is one of the suppliers TOTALPACK utilizes for delivering quality aluminum air cargo pallets. These pallets are ideal for shipping large packages and bundles long distances. The aluminum air cargo pallets TOTALPACK carries are fairly large in size to accommodate your largest cargo load. They range from 5ft x over 10ft to 8ft x 20ft, so they provide plenty of functional space. The cost of purchasing a brand new aluminum air cargo pallet can be expensive, so TOTALPACK keeps this in mind – we offer used pallets for about half the price. They are still in great condition, fully functional, and are an excellent option if you are looking to cut costs.

Two aluminum air cargo pallets we sell from Satco are 8ft x 16ft and 8ft x 20ft. Definite advantages of these two pallets are as follows:

Aluminum Alloy: Satco manufacturers cargo pallets with 7075-T6 aluminum alloy (78,000 psi) that is 38% stronger than the 7021 aluminum alloy (56,565 psi) commonly used by European manufacturers.

Sheet Thickness: The thickness of the top and bottom is 0.16 inches (4.06mm). This is the standard single sheet pallet sheet thickness. When used with stringers in between top and bottom sheets, it makes an extremely rigid and strong platform on the top and durable rolling service on the bottom.

Reparability: Because the pallets are mechanically fastened and no adhesives or filters are used, the Satco pallet is easier to repair using standard metal techniques. Other big heavy-duty pallets on the market are not easy to repair due to their size and weight. Holes to the top or bottom sheets can be cut out using a hand router and damaged stringers can be repaired or replaced. Edge rails can be replaced without interference with the center structure of the pallet by removing pull rivets at the top and bottom sides of edge rails.

aluminum air cargo palletsDurability: Past tests have proven that Satco’s pallets can withstand up to 50,000 pounds of weight at its center. Although the pallet deflected slightly, the pallet passed the test with no damage.

Long Established Usage History: Virtually all the major cargo carriers have used these aluminum air cargo pallets worldwide. Of course there are pallets available that are less expensive and lighter, but there is no pallet commercially available that has a lower overall cost of ownership when you factor in its life expectancy and low repair burden.

For quality you can trust, commit to one of our Satco aluminum air cargo pallets. You cannot go wrong with the features these pallets offer and the great life expectancy they provide. Check them out here!